Specializing in the development of interactive kiosk systems

What is a Kiosk? An interactive kiosk system is typically a touch-screen and computer placed in a secure enclosure in a public place that enables consumers to have instant electronic access to information, products, and/or services. There are three fundamental components of a kiosk solution; they are as follows...

  • Physical enclosure which houses the hardware

  • Physical hardware (touch-screen monitor, CPU, stereo speakers, printer, cables, etc.)

  • A software application that stores information, processes transactions, and delivers the messages, services, and/or products.

Companies tend to pursue the use of interactive kiosks for the primary purpose of automating staff-intensive services related to communicating information, marketing products and services, and processing standard business transactions. Delivering service effectively and affordably is increasingly important. In today's economy, nobody can afford to hire enough skilled people. You need the technology to make up the difference.

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