Welcome to the global digital art gallery

Here we have a couple of tours you can take: the first is of the 'ShowBoss' survey kiosk at the 1999 Regina Chamber-of-Commerce Business Expo. The second is a few shots of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee where we recently installed a ticket purchasing kiosk.

or... you can continue scrolling down to view some of our kiosks that we have produced for various purposes....enjoy.

The NCR 7401

To the right is a 7401 mounted on a pillar stand as they are for the Saskatchewan liquor and Gaming Authority.

This is one of the first ever designs built by Global Kiosk . This particular unit was used as a tourist information booth.

To the right is the 'can' design. This was a very popular design and is still used by a number of businesses such as...


the cans are completely customizable and come in a variety of colors and finishes.