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Global Kiosk is a young, innovative, and aggressive group. We are very personable, ambitious, and accommodating to your needs.The company is always looking for opportunities to develop new product ideas and integrate new technology with its products.We are very progressive and it is reflected in our approach to business alliances, partnerships, and customer relations; and in our use of contract labor and sub-contracting to meet its different project needs.

Honestly, first generation kiosks suffered from significant downtime and discouraged the small percentage of consumers willing to try them out.However, today's enhanced technology enables kiosks to perform better and more reliably.Downtime has been virtually eliminated with more reliable hardware and software as well as network connections for simple downloads and diagnostics plus increased service support.Both hardware and programming costs have dropped significantly over the last three years and are expected to continue to drop in the future as kiosks become more common.The average price for a kiosk has fallen by one-half since 1993.

Global Kiosk is one of only a few Canadian companies certified to deploy the banking industry's INTERAC technology (the ability to process debit and credit card transactions) in a public, stand-alone kiosk.

Global Kiosk is certified with:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Royal Bank of Canada

The widespread prevalence of automated teller machines (ATM) offers a glimpse of the future for interactive kiosks. Kiosks are being used for electronic commerce, customer service, shopper loyalty programs, gift registries, gaming and entertainment, human resource intranets, government services, real estate listings, financial services, trade shows, auto dealerships, and general points of information and many more applications.

The primary market for kiosks exists in retail, which accounted for more than 50 percent of the international market in 1997. Internet access via stand-alone kiosks is also becoming very popular and profitable because kiosks offer affordable access to the internet at convenient, public locations. Internet kiosks are being attractively located in coffee shops, airports, shopping malls, libraries, etc. Its an excellent addition to any business, isn't it about time yours had one too?

Global Kiosk operates out of
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Global Kiosk Systems

Regina, Saskatchewan
Tel: (306) 789-2395

Global Kiosk established itself in the fall on 1994 to develop and produce an interactive tourist information kiosk system at the request of a local business.The kiosk was designed to provide tourist information on provincial events and attractions, allow credit card transactions for online purchases, play video promotions and advertisements, and provide direct telephone access for ticket purchases, reservations, and additional information.Initial product development was completed by February 28, 1996.

In February 1995, Global Kiosk was approached to develop an interactive ordering network for a local McDonald's Restaurant franchise owner.The ordering kiosks was designed to offer customers an alternative ordering method, to support debit/credit transactions, and to support the McDonald's electronic till system.The first product version was launched November 22, 1996 in a Regina restaurant location. The second product version contained an expanded menu and was converted to a LAN-based system; this version was launched August 1997.

Since 1995, Global Kiosk has developed and delivered to market a number of different interactive kiosk products, an in-store digital audio system, and a 2-dimensional custom design software program for memorial products.For information on the Global Kiosk product line, go to Our Products.

We currently have a number of projects underway throughout Canada and the United States; including a liquor application,ticket services, and a price lookup / product verifier kiosk.

We have developed an interactive kiosk system that can be marketed and applied to any service/retail industry and achieve value added customer service with greater economies of scale. Upon request, Global Kiosk will customize a product to meet your business needs.