July 31 , 2002

NCR pleased with findings in separate self-service studies

A pair of recent studies point out positive trends in the self-service technology industry, according to kiosk manufacturer NCR Corp.

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July 16 , 2001

Global Kiosk becomes a member of STEP

Saskatchewan Trade And Export Partnership Inc. works in partnership with Saskatchewan exporters and emerging exporters to maximize commercial success in global ventures. STEP will deliver superior marketing services using its team of trade specialists, innovative approaches and world wide networks.

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July 17, 2001

Remco Virtual Studio version 4.0 is released

The introduction of Virtual Studio makes the entire process of choosing and designing memorials easier and faster. Clients can look forward to better turnaround times, and by having a more interative process, the individual ends up with a product that is truly personalized.

More about the application and the new upgrades click here.

New Liquor and Gaming Kiosks In North Battleford

The new 7401 Sask Liquor and Gaming Kiosks were installed around the province this month. The sleek new design and updated user interface seemed to make a difference. These kiosks were an instant hit. This design offers information on the newest beer, wines, and spirits as well an array of recipes and relative store information, (specials, what's in stock) and many other selections. For more information on the SLGA kiosks check out our products section, or visit one of the liquor stores near you.

SLGA KIOSKS are located:

Regina (3 locations):
Specialty Shop - 4034 Albert St.
Normanview Center - McCarthy Blvd. & 9th Ave.
East End - 2550 Quance St.
Saskatoon (2 location:)
301 2nd Ave. North
8th Street East
Prince Albert: (1 location:)
South Hill Mall

North Battleford (location:)
1001 - 101st Street

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Swift Current (location:)
Wheatland Mall

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October 30 , 2000

Opryland Hotel goes Interactive

With over 1.5 million guest visiting the property every year, the Opryland Hotel is one of the top tourist destinations in Tennessee and the entire Southeast. Opryland Hospitality Group was looking for a Self Service technology to to enhance the customer experience and maximize the company's resources.

Click here to read the entire article in Kiosk Magazine October 2000 issue.


October 23 , 2000

Technology that plans your dinner parties --

NCR showcases the latest in retail self-service technology at industry trade show- TORONTO, ON - Decisions. You're having dinner guests tonight and want to serve precisely the right wine with your meal, pick up a recipe or see what's on special. For the answers you need look no further than NCR's Web-enabled Wines and Spirits Information kiosk.

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June 25 2000

Global Goes to Opryland

  This week Global took a trip down to Nashville to prepare locations for its new Shuttle Bus ticket kiosks. The kiosks located at the airport and in the Opryland Hotel, allow visitors to quickly and easily purchase tickets for the bus. The busses run to and from the airport and around the Opryland Hotel complex. With the swipe of a card (Visa & MasterCard accepted) one can have their transaction processed and tickets printed in a matter of seconds. The kiosks also contain destination information and arrival and departure times. Click here to go to our gallery and take a short look at the Opryland Hotel.

June 20 2000

Kiosks could make public Net access common

Public-access Internet sites may soon become as common in airports and shopping malls as pay telephones and vending machines.

NCR recently introduced the interactive kiosk in Washington at the White House's Electronic Commerce Forum, which was attended by vendors, government officials, business executives and trade associations.

They plan to sell their Internet kiosks to telephone companies, which would charge users by the minute. Payment would be by credit card.

The kiosks could either give users unlimited access to the Internet or be confined to topics thought to be of interest to those likely to use the terminals,

For example, travelers at airports could use the kiosks to get travel and entertainment information or even purchase their tickets. A telephone store could have a terminal with online information about cellular phones and service. And when not in use, the computer screens are used to advertise other products. The possibilities seem endless but we're working on them.